Our Customers
This is puppy number 2 from and his name is
Rusty..we just wanted you to see how much he
has grown and how happy he is. We enjoy
him and spoil him rotten and wanted you to
see how he has changed. Thank you again for
Rusty! He is five months old and Neville, I
think he IS going to make 12 pounds LOL!
We would not hesitate to get another one off
you! Thanks again!  
Ann, Jim and Katianna-Marie
Just wanted to write and tell you that ( Tia ) has
started to mend our heart. She gives us  allot of
enjoyment. Little Miss Tia has been great with
paper training and is quite a smarty pants. Of
course she has been spoiled rotten and just gets
so much attention where ever we go. I have given
out your website and name of your kennel to
many people. We just love her !!!!!!! I want to thank
you for the gem.    Bonnie
Hi, just an update on one of your precious
puppies.  We purchased Cuddles on 3/2/05 and
dad and mom were Duffy and V.V.  He is a very
smart, loveable puppy.  We love him very much.  
As you can see from his picture, he is a very
talented.  He learns fast, and is so much company
for me.  He's wonderful.
Hi ,
Bailey is doing just great!  Almost six months now.  
He is the friendliest little guy and so smart!  This is
only picture I have on the computer for now.  He
weighs 6 pounds now.

Thank you for the little fur ball of joy.
It has taken awhile to get around to this letter and I am
sorry.  We have had such a crazy busy summer.  We
are Sooooooo in love with our pup from you guys, he
is just wonderful... he is all trained and as smart as a
whip, he gets so much attention everywhere we go,
which he goes too !!  He loves to camp, swim in the
pool, river, and lake, he fetches sticks plays ball and
just loves to run with our girls.  I want to thank you so
much for him he is GREAT!!  I have included a couple
pictures for you!!  We have refered dozens of people
to you and your website hopefully you will get some
business from that, we just love the puppy and you
deserve much credit!!  
So far he has been to Maine , New Hampshire,
Vermont and New York...off we go camping again this
weekend, to New Hampshire , one of the pictures I
sent to you he is being held by a guy with a mandolin,
that guy is from Virginia, he is part of a Bluegrass
called Nothin' Fancy, we were at a Bluegrass Festival
this past weekend, E.J. decided he had been in the
tent long enough so he unzipped it himself, yes
E.J.--the dog (wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it
myself--but I did !!) and that man Mike, fell in love with
E.J. a.k.a. houdini !!!  

Again, Thanks so much we truly love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete, Richelle, Chelsey and Mariah H.
Hi! I'd just like to thank you so much for our puppy
(Gus). He was puppy number 3 in his online picture and is
currently about 8 months old. He is a
Yorkie-Pom-Lhasa-Pek mix who we absolutely adore! He is
very good with our other pets and loves to be around
people, camp, and swim, so we end up taking him with us
wherever we go! He definately has a personality of his own
which we love and is VERY spoiled.  He is extremely smart
and learned how to sit, give paw, and lay down in just a
few weeks! We have recommended you to many of our
friends who just loved our puppy! So thanks again for our
one-of-a-kind dog.
Paul and Noreen M.
Max is such a wonderful dog and we love him
much. He is so smart and just a joy to have
around. He brings a smile to our home
Pam,Mickey,Hayley and Max H.
My husband and I bought Preston from
March, 2005.  He has been a joy ever
We get a lot of comments on him and we
always tell them where to look for a little
snuggler like him!  Thank you so much!  
He is
so spoiled and loved!
Amber W.
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please email it to sales@mainelypuppies.com
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Hi, Just wanted to send a
couple pictures of Cocoa
(AKA Zany ). She's the
sweetest little girl. Still only
2.02 LBS at 9 months. Little
with a big dog personality.
She's done some modeling
catalog... we're so proud!!!
She's very smart and cute.
Very loved.. Thanks so
much...Haydee & Sue
This is koko. The dog I
purchased from you 4
years ago.. She is
adorable and has a lot of
personality...I keep her
hair short as you can see
and it works well for both
of us..She still hates
getting her ears plucked
and her feet trimmed
but she tolerates it...She
is much loved and a big
part of our family..
Mary Jane
My name is Nancy Welch. Here is my story
about Ozzy, a Lhasa Apso/ShihTzu/Yorkie
mix. This is my Ozzy!! We purchased him
in February 2008, and he has been such a
joy to our family! We waited so long to
have a dog, and I couldn't ask for a better
companion than Ozzy. He is happy and
healthy, smart and bright, loves to play
fetch, go for walks, and help me in the
garden. We spend lots of time together,
and loves to sleep in the big bed with Mom
and Dad! There will be another "Mainely
Puppy" in our future!!
Just wanted to update you on Des and how he's
doing.  He's the sweetest thing wth lots of
personality!  It took him about a week to start to
get brave enough to explore on his own, but he's
now quite active and likes to check out new parts
of the house, like under the sofa and behind the
armoire!  He's a happy little guy who seems to be
catching on to house breaking pretty quickly.  He's
met lots of new folks and doggie friends who all
think he's quite the handsome boy.  He's certainly
become the love of my life!  I've enclosed a photo
for you.

Thanks for everything!