Hello, I recently purchased a puppy from
you a  few months back, I came in with
my mom and we bought the Red
Dachshund. Here is an update on him. I
picked out the name "Scrappy" (Scrappy
Doo) because the name of my other red
doxie was Scooby, who passed away a
month after my 18th birthday. Scrappy is
very nice, playful and definitely fun to be
around! He likes to lay on the end of my
bed, the couch and has taken over the
memory foam chair in my room. We
have taught him to sit and speak (we're
still working on some others) and he
wasn't that bad at all to house train!. He
has a friend named Minnie, our other
dog she at first didn't like him very much
due to the death of my other doxie.. but
quickly warmed up to him after a few
weeks :). He is loving his new home, the
big back yard and everything he can
sleep on. Scrappy is definitely a riot! We
are so glad we purchased him, the
puppies you sell all seemed to have
great tempers. I fell in love with him
when I first saw him online, and in
person at your shop, he is definitely
what I needed in my life. Thank you so
This is Nevaeh, she is
now a 2 1/2 years old
peek-a-poo pom. I got
her here, when she
was 9 weeks old and
she is my world, she is
happy and healthy.I
couldn't of asked for a
better puppy.  -D.F.
March 2015
We got Bella in Aug. 2012.
She is such a wonderful
addition to our family. Her
dachshund /terrier mix is so
uniquely beautiful. We think
she is the most awesome
dog ever. I guess we all
think that of our own pets,
as we should.
Thank you so much.
John, Norma & Julia
March 2015
This is Rylie..we got
her from you in June.
She is the smartest,
best friend in the

March 2015
Cuddles Gracie
These are our
babies....Mr. Cuddles
will be four in
September. Miss
Gracie will also be four
in December. They are
the loves of our lives!
Thank you Steve and
Neville for two great
family members!!

March 2015

March 2015
Ellie Pepper
Here are some pics of Ellie Mae and lil Pepper.
True joys in my life.
March 2015
Mainly puppies is the
best. I bought number 3
shorkie and she's a
adorable. My mom and I
named her Snookie, she
weighs at 4lbs and
getting cuter everyday.
We got her a haircut.
And she's adorable.
thanks mainely puppies,
here is a picture.
March 2015
I bought simba from u
guys two years ago hes
a loving fiesty
he is with his best friend

March 2015
We bought GOLDIE
on Valentine's Day
she has brought us
great joy. She is
doing wonderful.
Thank you so much
for a great puppy.

April 2015
Max's Babies
My husband and I
adopted these two cute
precious siblings 3 days
apart!  They have the
same Daddy Max. We
love them soooo much!  
They are so perfect in
the most cutest puppy
way ever!  They are
worth every penny!  
Our love bugs are our
pride and joy!  They
love each other and are
April 2015
This is Rocko! We got him
from you last summer and
he simply makes our world
go 'round!! He has the best
temperament and such a
funny personality. We
could not have asked for a
sweeter, more loving
puppy. Thank you so much!

JUNE 2015
Just some updates on our
little man, Tucker. We
absolutely adore him,
thank you!  
December 2015